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A Methodist Way of Life
for the Waterside

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In our Church services leading up to Easter we will be following a programme that will help us grow into better disciples. It was designed by the Methodist Church and is called ‘A Methodist Way of Life’.

At church on Sundays there will be resources available for everyone who would like them (if you don’t get hold of these – two booklets and a card – please get in touch with me or Mark Price and we will make sure you get them). The aim is to challenge us to consider different aspects of being a disciple of Christ and what it means to be a Christian in every moment of our living, not just in worship services. Monks and Nuns, and others in religious communities usually follow a ‘rule of life’ to aid them in their spiritual growth. ‘A Methodist Way of Life’ gives us a structure to follow in our own lives so that we too have opportunities to deepen our own faith and to make a difference in the different situations God has placed us.  

As well as Sunday morning worship (and monthly on Sunday evenings – the second Sunday of the month at Soul Café) – if Covid permits – our homegroups will offer more opportunities to think about ‘A Methodist Way of Life’ and we are hoping to begin some kind of ‘coffee and chat’ time based on the themes on Thursday mornings at Soul Café. Let’s trust and pray that God will bless us in whatever way we engage with this new programme.

You can find more information about
each of the 12 MWOL topics by clicking on the image below

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11am at Chapel Lane, Fawley

Part 1: Worship

Jan 9th –     Trish: Session 1 ‘We will pray daily’ + Covenant Service

Jan 16th –   Steve Irish: Session 2 ‘We will worship with others regularly


Jan 23rd –   Trish: Session 3 ‘We will look and listen for God in Scripture, and the world

Part 2: Learning & Caring

Jan 30th –   Christine Coram: Session 4 ‘We will care for ourselves and those around us’


Feb 6th –     Neil Hitch: Session 5 ‘We will learn more about our faith’


Feb 13th –  Trish: Session 6 ‘We will practise hospitality and generosity’


Feb 20th –   Rosemary Minett – a break from our programme

Part 3: Service

Feb 27th –   Trish: Session 7 ‘We will help people in our communities and beyond’


Mar 6th –     Manny & Mark: Session 8 ‘We will care for creation and God’s gifts’


Mar 13th –   Trish: Session 9 ‘We will challenge injustice’


Mar 20th –   a break from our programme

Part  4: Evangelism

Mar 27th –   Trish: Session 10 ‘We will speak of the love of God’


Apr 3rd –     Jan Hayter: Session 11 ‘We will live in a way that draws others to Jesus’


Apr 10th –   Trish: Session 12 ‘We will share our faith with others’


one evening each month looking at the

four main themes of ‘A Methodist Way of Life’


January 9th



February 13th  

Learning and Caring


March 13th



April 3rd


Every Thursday Morning at Soul Cafe



9.30-10.30 am

Starting on Thursday 13th January 2022.


our home groups meet fortnightly on a Monday morning and a Thursday evening and will be exploring the Methodist Way of Life topics up until Easter

New members welcome

Contact Us for Details

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